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AC3 - Ascon Tecnologic


Multifunction programmable compact controller - Ascon Tecnologic

AC3 is a multiloop process controller, with adjustable operator interface and functionalities, to suit different needs:

  • Custom Logo;
  • Free pages selection;
  • Compact, split or remote versions;
  • Expandable

No HMI programming is required. Thanks to a dedicated Function Blocks graphic pages library, it is possible to design, in a flexible manner, the operator interface and manage the variables to be displayed. Create in a simple and intuitive way a solution, unique and “tailor-made” for your customer.

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Micropac MP02 - Ascon Tecnologic


Multifunction programmable compact controller - Ascon Tecnologic

  • Compact programmable controller (Micropac) with on board I/O and expansion capability
  • 8 A/I and 8 D/I
  • 4 A/0 and 8 D/0
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Micropac M81 - Ascon Tecnologic


Multifunction programmable compact controller - Ascon Tecnologic

The compact programmable controller for OEM applications with extensive data logging capacity on USB devices. Case, dimensions and channel type were designed specifically to fit into residential-type electrical switchboards and to permit simple and rapid cabling of field signals. The programming is compliant with the IEC-61131-3 standard. Six programming languages are available along with a well-stocked library of function blocks dedicated to automation and specific process monitoring for systems and machines.

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Sigmapac - Ascon Tecnologic


Distribuited Programmable Automation Control system (PAC) - Ascon Tecnologic

Sigmapac offers a vast range of possible configurations:

  • A wide variety of I/O modules with autonomous functions and integrated bus interface
  • An ability to carry out process control functions and constant, logical and sequential controls
  • Personalized libraries of Function Blocks for specific application sectors  
  • Interface with the most common buses in industrial environments (Modbus, CAN, Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet, etc.)
  • DIN-rail mounting with removable screw or spring terminals
  • Possibility to develop centralized or distributed solutions without modifying or adding components.
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Openpcs - Ascon Tecnologic


IEC 61131-3 Programming software - Ascon Tecnologic

  • Programming environment perfectly fulfilling IEC 61131-3 standards
  • 6 programming languages
  • Wide range of libraries to simplify the programming
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