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Temperature calibrations

Tempcontrol offers various options for calibration of temperature sensors and temperature measurement instrumentation. We have an in-house laboratory for product development, quality control, temperature calibrations and research on thermodynamic properties of sensors and sensor components.

We can test and calibrate a large variety of temperature sensors, temperature related instruments and calibration equipment, such as thermocouples, resistance thermometers with platinum based elements as well as thermistors and indicators for various process signals.

Temperature is our specialism. With our extensive experience, both with development of temperature sensors as well as with precision instruments which we represent, we can think along with you to find the best solution for your laboratory or for on-site calibrations.

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Temperature calibration laboratory

  • Calibration of sensors and systems on customer specification, with a Tempcontrol calibration report
  • Traceability to (inter)national standards
  • Based on the ITS-90 temperature scale

Research and development

Thermodynamic research on and characterization of sensors and sensor components. Some of the parameters are response time, repeatability and hysteresis.

Laboratory facilities

  • Five liquid-filled thermostatically controlled baths
  • ultra-stable climatic chamber
  • tube furnaces with various lengths
  • Standards are calibrated by the Dutch national standards laboratory, VSL and frequently compared by means of our triplepoint of water cell (0.01 ºC ± 20 μK)

Performance and possibilities

  • Temperature range:  −50 °C to 280 °C
  • Best measurement capability (CMC): ±0.01 °C
  • Stabilization of sensors up to 1200 °C