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C1 - Gammadue series - Ascon Tecnologic

C1 1/32 DIN controller, indicator, transmitter - Ascon Tecnologic

1/32 DIN controller, indicator, transmitter - Ascon Tecnologic

The Gammadue series C1 line of Ascon is small, easy and complete. Easy configuration and simple operating mode. The smallest line of Gammadue series concentrates the fuinctionality of the temperature controller-indicator-transmitter without loosing the typical characteristics of more complex devices like: auto tune, IP65 front panel protection, serial communications, continuous retransmission output, custom linearisation, and transmitter power supply.

  • Panel mount controller, 24 x 48mm
  • Configurable input
  • Up to 2 digital outputs and 1 analogue output (Retransmission)
  • RS 485 ModBus RTU slave serial port
  • 1 display, 4 digits

Configurable as:

  • Indicator with two alarms
  • Transmitter, using 4... 20mA output
  • Process controller with digital output

Main features

  • 1/32 DIN - 48 x 24 mm size
  • Configuration by simple to use codes
  • Automatic selection between two different methods
  • Transmitter with isolated and continuous output
  • Indicator with infrared input ability
  • Absolute and deviation alarms
  • Serial communication at 9600 baud Modbus/Jbus protocol, continuous retransmission output
  • Every model has the same operation mode
  • Two colours: a light one and a dark one
  • IP65 front panel protection (indoor, dust and water protection)
  • Ergonomic keypad, clear and complete display
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Configurable input (TC, RTD, mA, Volt, delta T, infrared sensor, custom linearisation)
  • CE compatibility, ASCON is ISO 9001 certified, 3 years warranty
  • Ascon Tecnologic


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