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M1 - Gammadue series - Ascon Tecnologic

M1 1/16 DIN controller, indicator, transmitter - Ascon Tecnologic

1/16 DIN controller, indicator, transmitter - Ascon Tecnologic

The Ascon Gammadue M1 serie is flexible, easy and comprehensive. This 48 x 48 size controller is suitable for a wide range of applications. Easy configuration and a simple operating method are merged with the typical characteristics of more complex devices like: autotune, IP65 front panel protection, serial communications, analogue retransmission output, custom linearisation, transmitter power supply, Start-up and Timer special functions.

  • Panel mount controller: 48x48 mm
  • Configurable input
  • Up to 2 digital outputs and 1 analogue output (Retransmission)
  • RS 485 ModBus RTU slave serial port
  • 1 display, 4 digits

Configurable as:

  • Indicator with two alarms
  • Transmitter, using 4...20mA output
  • Process controller with digital output

Main features

  • Heater break alarm with current transformer
  • Heat/Cool double action
  • Configuration by simple to use codes
  • Automatic selection between two different tuning methods
  • Absolute, band and deviation alarms, Latching/Blocking
  • Serial communications at 9600 Baut Modbus/Jbus protocol, analogue retransmission output
  • Every model has the same operation method
  • Two colours: beige or dark grey front panels
  • IP65 front panel protection (indoor, dust and water protection)
  • Ergonomic keypad, clear and comprehensive display
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Configurable input (TC, RTD, mA, Volt, delta T, infrared sensor, custom linearisation)
  • Built-in timer and Start-up functions
  • CE compatibility, ASCON is ISO 9001 certified, 3 years warranty
  • Ascon Tecnologic


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