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Precision thermometers

A precision thermometer is a reference measuring instrument for testing and (on-site) calibration of temperature sensors. The instruments in our delivery program are characterized by the high accuracy (from 0.01 ° C to 0.005 ° C is possible) and the long-term stability.

Precision thermometers are suitable for calibration of 3 or 4-wire platinum resistance thermometers and have 2, 4, 6 or even 8 channels, expandable with multiplexer for up to 70 inputs for sensors. Thanks to the unique SMART connector, the temperature sensor can be recognized immediately by the instrument: this way the calibration data is saved. Data storage can take place in the instrument or the data can be read out via the PC or a USB stick. The temperature range of the precision thermometers is -200 ° C to + 962 ° C.

The multifunctional precision thermometer CTR3000 is unique for both calibration of resistance thermometers and thermocouples.

View the precision thermometers from our program or contact us for customized advice.

CTH7000 (F100 handheld) - ASL/WIKA


CTH7000 (F100) handheld thermometer - ASL/WIKA

The ASL/WIKA CTH7000 (old article number F100) hand-held thermometer is a high performance 2-channel thermometer for Pt100 and thermistor probes. The hand-held thermometer CTH7000 is a step up in measurement accuracy with a battery power.

The CTH7000 can handle all needs, with accuracies and resolutions normally associated with a bench top thermometer. Two inputs give direct temperatures from Pt100 or thermistor probes or can display the temperature difference between them. Measurements can be logged directly to memory or, use the USB port to control and data log with the PC.
The CTH7000 will display a statistical analysis of measurements, with average value, min and max values and standard deviation.

Because the CTH7000 will display in ohms as well as temperature, it can even be used to calibrate one probe against another. Most instruments require to enter calibrated probe data into memory to optimise measurement accuracy, which can mean a lot of data entering if you change probes regularly.

With ASL's SMART connector on the probes, you only need to store the data once - in the connector! The calibration data stays with the probe - permanently. The probe can even be used on another CTH7000 without any further action. The SMART connector saves time and reduces error. If you have existing calibrated or uncalibrated probes, no problem, CTH7000 automatically registers if a probe is SMART or normal.

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CTR2000 (F200) - ASL/WIKA


CTR2000 (F200) precision thermometer - ASL/WIKA

The ASL/WIKA CTR2000 (old article number F200) precision thermometer comprises two measurement versions: One version accepts only 4-wire PRTs, the other version accepts both 3- and 4-wire PRTs.

The high-performance 2- or 8-channel, 3- and 4-wire precision digital thermometers is suitable for use with calibrated and uncalibrated Pt100 probes. It is characterised by its extended features for high usability and low life costs.

Using calibrated probes with the CTR2000 thermometer series choose between storing calibration data into memory in the instrument or into the probe’s proprietary SMART connector. Calibration data stays permanently with the probe in this connector, which the CTR2000 series instantly recognises, ensuring best measurement accuracy.

Using a built-in calibration routine, the CTR2000 instrument range can be recalibrated using a calibrated, traceable reference resistor. This feature is password protected.

Other features have been included for CTR2000 range when using SMART probes, like the temperature watchdog and the calibration status monitor.

The temperature watchdog continuously monitors the temperature of SMART probes and, if any are used outside their specified working range, the probe history record is updated.

With this way, it can be seen at a glance if the probes have ever been used outside their calibrated range, as this may affect their calibration validity. The calibration status monitor alerts with an on-screen message when a SMART probe is due for recalibration.

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CTR5000 (F252 / F500) - ASL/WIKA


CTR5000 (F252 / F500) precision thermometers - ASL/WIKA
Product discontinued as off 1st november 2019, please contact us for more information.

Product discontinuation

Unfortunately the CTR5000 is discontinued. The product is replaced by the multifunctional precision thermometer model CTR3000. This instrument offers intuitive operation at the big touch screen and the handling of two resistance thermometers and two thermocouples. More information on the CTR3000 can be found using this link.


Information on the CTR5000:

The ASL/WIKA CTR5000 (old article number F252 / F500) precision thermometer comes with two channels as standard, but four and six channel variations are available with each channel able to work with up to 70 user-defined probes so providing spot on calibration.
They can also provide a sequential channel scan with a data logging function that can also be sent to PC or USB memory stick. The CTR5000 also offers single, differential and alternative measurement modes with the ability to provide direct comparison calibration.

Using calibrated probes with the precise thermometer choose between storing the calibration data into the memoryof the instrument or if using ASL SMART probes can be entered into these.

The SMART probe data can also be reviewed and edited therefore easy calibration of ASL SMART probes. The instrument can also generate coefficients from reference temperature/resistance data pairs.

The instrument is capable of measuring temperature ranges to meet ITS 90, CVD, EN 60751 and IEC 751 standards and results are delivered via a LCD backlit display with large numeric, statistical or graphical information. It also comes with USB interface as standard, but optional RS-232, IEEE or LAN interfaces are also available.

To ensure long term reliability the precision thermometer uses surface mount technology with no mechanical relays or potentiometers.

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DDM 900 precision indicator - Dostmann


DDM 900 precision indicator - Dostmann

The DDM 900 is designed for precise temper­ature meas­ure­ments as demanded in calib­ra­tion-labor­atory use and quality assur­ance. The accuracy is adapted to the uncer­tain­ties of fix-point-cells for precise sensor calib­ra­tions. Pt 10-, Pt-25- and Pt 100-Sensors can be used at the same time. The resol­u­tion of up to 0,02 mK often is needed in phys­ical and chem­ical labor­at­ories.

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DDM 1000 precision indicator - Dostmann


DDM 1000 precision indicator - Dostmann

The DDM 1000 is designed for precise temper­ature meas­ure­ments as demanded in calib­ra­tion-labor­atory use and quality assur­ance. The accuracy is adapted to the uncer­tain­ties of fix-point-cells for precise sensor calib­ra­tions. Pt 10-, Pt-25- and Pt 100-Sensors can be used at the same time. The resol­u­tion of up to 0,02 mK often is needed in phys­ical and chem­ical labor­at­ories.

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CTR3000 precision thermometer - ASL/WIKA

The ASL/WIKA CTR3000* precision thermometer provides a complete measurement and control interface for users wishing to make high-accuracy temperature measurements or calibrate thermometers. It supports a wide range of thermometer types including 25 Ω SPRTs, 100 Ω PRTs, thermistors and thermocouples.

The CTR3000 is a high-accuracy instrument designed for laboratory and industrial temperature measurement and calibration applications.

The instrument will operate with all 3- and 4-wire (S)PRTs (25 Ω, 100 Ω) platinum resistance thermometers as well as most standard international thermocouple types and NTC thermistors. The following temperature measurement units are selectable: °C, °F, K. Base measuring units mV and Ω are also displayed. The temperature values will be calculated through common conversion of the base measurement.

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P795 reference thermometer - Dostmann


P795 reference thermometer - Dostmann

High preci­sion instru­ment for temper­ature (±0,01), with memory for 6.000 meas­ure­ments. The instru­ment is designed for applic­a­tion of the quality assur­ance, e.g. testing climatic cham­bers, calib­ra­tion ther­mo­stats, oven...or ther­mo­elec­trical processes. For the battery-powered instru­ment we provide a separate power supply as an option. The meas­uring interval is adjustable between 1 second and 30 minutes. The P795 meas­uring system is the perfect standard to test subor­din­ated instru­ments or systems. For trace­ab­ility we recom­mend to order those instru­ments with a calib­ra­tion certi­ficate.

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T995 precision 2-channel instrument - Dostmann


T995 precision 2-channel instrument - Dostmann

The univer­sally applic­able process-controlled hand-held instru­ments, Series T900, are ideal for meas­uring oper­a­tions in which high accuracy counts or the possib­ility of online docu­ment­a­tion is demanded.

  • High measuring accuracy (+- 0,015°C)
  • USB interface
  • Datalogger for 6000 measurements
  • Optional SmartGraph Windows Software for graphic and tabular documentation
  • High accurate analog output (0-1 Volt)
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Integrated calibration function for simple compensation of sensor tolerances
  • Recording maximum, minimum, hold and average values
  • Integrated sensor holder for one hand operation
  • Mains operation possible
  • Simultaneous display of two measured values
  • Differential temperature display
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T4200 2-channel laboratory instrument - Dostmann


T4200 2-channel laboratory instrument - Dostmann

High preci­sion bench instru­ment 

The ATP 4200 is designed for precise temper­ature meas­ure­ments as demanded in laboratory use and quality assur­ance (ISO 9000, etc.). The conver­sion of the resist­ance meas­uring value into a temper­ature meas­uring value is prac­tised by use of calib­ra­tion tables in the meas­uring device depending on the different probe specific­a­tions. It is not neces­sary that the user enters the calib­ra­tion datas after each exchange of the probe using the keyboard built-in the meas­uring device. As the calib­ra­tion datas of several probes can be stored in the meas­uring device, in a lot of cases it will be suffi­cient to relate the corres­ponding calib­ra­tion datas to that channel to which a new probe had been connected. If the calib­ra­tion datas of a newly connected prove are not yet stored in the meas­uring device, the user can draw up the calib­ra­tion datas easily on a PC by use of a soft­ware included in the scope of supply. The complete drawing up and main­ten­ance of the calib­ra­tion tables is done on the PC. If required new calib­ra­tion datas can be loaded from the PC into ATP 4200 by use of this PC-soft­ware.

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T12 thermometer - MBW


T12 thermometer - MBW

The T12 is a highly precise and stable platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) based multichannel temperature measurement system. Using a custom designed high quality measurement circuit, 24 bit analog to digital converters and multiplexor sampling; the T12 provides 12 channels of low uncertainty temperature data for validation and calibration engineers.

Using one of three user selectable currents, the T12 repeatedly scans all 12 channels. Employing a full reversal current source, the T12 eliminates polarity sensitive errors normally inherent in DC measuring techniques. Accuracy is further enhanced by referencing all measurements to high stability internal reference resistors.

The supplied software allows each channel to be individually programmed with ITS-90 or Callendar-Van Dusen coefficients for direct conversion of resistance measurements to temperature. The T12 connects to a PC over the RS-232 Interface.

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