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Optical feedthrough - Weidmann


The optical feedthroughs are specifically designed for installation on tank walls and oil transformers. They have a leak-proof interface and require no maintenance.

On both sides there are standard ST connector. There are no moving parts or loose optical cables. It is best combined with the temperature sensor TS2 and FOTEMP4, four-channel temperature signal conditioner.

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90° fiber adapter - Weidmann


The 90° fiber adapter was designed specifically for the use in plant engineering and construction, but can also be used in areas with small space and requirements for small sizes. Technical modification in accordance with customer requirements for fiber diameter and fiber type are possible.

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Extension cable - Weidmann


For measurement projects with larger distances we offer our fiber optic extension cable with a diameter of 1.3mm (PTFE) or 3mm (PVC). The cable sheath can vary depending on customer requirements.

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Bus bar adapter - Weidmann


The bus bar adapter is used to attach the fiber optic sensor to bus bars. The ceramic design makes the adapter very resistant to mechanical stress and it also acts as a thermal insulator against possible external heat influences.

Weidmann Technologies Deutschland GmbH

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Spiral wrap - Weidmann


To protect the fiber optic temperature sensor and extension cables against mechanical stress, we offer a special spiral wrap.

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Silicon protective wrap - Weidmann


To protect the fiber optic sensor in industrial applications, we offer this specially coated stainless steel with silicone protective sleeve. This is particularly distinguished by its high flexibility, tensile strength, and its transverse compressive strength.

Because of his light and fluid leaks the measurement result is not distorted by external influences. The protective sleeve is composed of a flat wire coil with glass fiber braid and an outer silicone jacket. The outer diameter is barely 5.6 mm. Due to the large temperature range of -60°C to +180°C results in a wide range of applications.

  • High flexibility
  • High tensile strength
  • Crush resistant
  • Rotationally fixed
  • Light and liquid tight
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Metal protective wrap - Weidmann


The metal protective hose is made of a spiral-wound stainless steel tube. Due to his construction he is extremely robust and corrosion resistant. Therefore he provides to our fiber optic sensors a comprehensive protection at temperatures from -100°C to +200°C.

The protective tube is due to his small outer diameter of only 5mm very flexible. He is well-suited for any applications in the medical, pharmaceutical or industrial areas.

  • High flexibility
  • High tensile strength (500N)
  • Crush-resistant (750N)
  • Rotationally fixed
  • Light and liquid tight
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Power supply - Weidmann


To secure electricity supply for our fiber optic temperature measurement device we recommend you our matching power cable.

Weidmann Technologies Deutschland GmbH

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Cleaning set - Weidmann


To ensure accurate measurements and long life of our fiber optic sensors and instruments, it isnecessary to clean them regularly. Failure to do so can result in permanent damage to the connector caused by hard particles trapped between the fiber optic end faces. Use our high quality cleaning set for thorough and efficient plug and socket cleaning. It removes dust and dirt particles quickly and easily. We recommend regular cleaning, depending on instrument usage.

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Tank wall plate - Weidmann


The tank wall plate can easily be mounted with screws or by welding. This leak-proof tank wall plate ensures a convenient and easy installation of the fiber optic feedthroughs and sensors.

1-18 feedthroughs can be installed on one plate. Compatible fiber optic sensors, are also available on request.
Layout and design of the plate is according to customer requirements.

  • Easy to install
  • Long-term functionality
  • Leak proof
  • Stainless steel
  • 1-18 optical feedthroughs possible
  • Compatible with all our optical feedthroughs
  • Fast access to the fiber optic sensors
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Tank wall plate cover - Weidmann


Weidmanns tank wall plate cover is specially designed for an easy and safe installation on the tank wall plate.

The sensors are protected optimally from the harsh conditions and mechanical effects, guaranteeing a precise temperature measurement.

The removable lid allows an easy installtion of the sensors on the tank wall plate.
The compact size and the installation for a protective tube ensures a neat and safe connection to evaluation unit.

  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective and elegant solution
  • Safe and quick connection to the fiber optic temperature sensors
  • Compatible with all our plates
  • Avoid damage to the sensors and allows precise temperature measurement
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