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PC 70+ DHS various sets - Dostmann

PC 70+ DHS various sets - Dostmann

PC 70+ DHS various sets - Dostmann

Analysis instrument with logger function and GLP function for meas­ure­ment of pH, mV/ORP-COND-TDS-Salinity and temperature. Various sets with Cond cell 2301 T and with or without (DHS) pH electrode 201T. 

The Set consists of instru­ment, cable, buffer solutions pH4, pH7 and conduct­ivity solu­tion, storage solu­tion, soft­ware and cable for commu­nic­a­tion and data transfer to PC/‚ÄčNote­book

Hand­held instru­ment for meas­ure­ment of pH- and condu­civity values in labor­at­ories and during produc­tion.

Please contact our sales department for the various options.

Main features

  • Displays pH / mV / COND / Salt and temperature simultaneously
  • Changeable resolution 0.1 / 0.01 pH
  • Automatic calibration function pH up to 3 calibration points
  • Manual calibration pH up to 2 points (user defined buffer)
  • Automatic calibration function COND up to 4 calibration points
  • Manual calibration COND 1 point (user defined buffer)
  • TDS measurement with adjustable factor
  • Large lighted display with calibration indicator
  • Data logger (automatic or manual)
    500 data sets with date & time
  • GLP
  • CAL DUE: set of calibration frequency for high quality of measurement
  • USB port for data transfer and power by PC or power supply
  • Software PC-link to download data
  • Incl. calibration solution pH 4, pH 7 and storage solution
  • IP 57 waterproof
  • DHS-function
  • Dostmann electronic GmbH


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