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New smart transmitters to be built into own equipment

INOR launches OEM202, a digital transmitter for integration into temperature sensors, systems and machines. It comes in three different designs and fits most applications thanks to a compact design. OEM202 is compatible with Pt100 and Pt1000, as well as 2-, 3- and 4-wire connections. This allows you to connect the transmitter to several different types of sensors.

OEM202 replaces OEM201 and is based on KROHNE INOR’s latest transmitter platform. Just like the other transmitters in the new platform, the OEM202 offers high accuracy and smart features for increased process control.

Customizable to your needs
Already in the standard configuration, the OEM202 offers excellent performance and high functionality. If that is not enough we can make adjustments both physically and technically to meet your specific needs. Examples of such adjustments are adjusting the form factor to fit your particular application or enabling measurement with both PTC, NTC and PtX elements.

Smart features for more reliable measurement
What stands out with the OEM202 is its reliability. Smart features like sensor error correction and system error correction help you to automatically correct for known sensor and system errors.

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