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IsoPAQ-612 - Inor

IsoPAQ-612 2-channel loop powered isolator for separation of 0(4)-20 mA signals - Inor

2-channel loop powered isolator for separation of 0(4)-20 mA signals - Inor

The input loop-powered isolator IsoPAQ-612 provides galvanic separation for 0(4) … 20 mA standard signals, while transferring the measurement signal to the output with a high degree of accuracy.

The unit avoids interference voltage carry-over and effectively suppressing parasitic noise. The very low drop voltage of 2.3 V and the high level of accuracy work together to make the IsoPAQ-612 the first choice in system design.

Intelligent design and their consequential avoidance of highly integrated components result in extremely long service lives and reliability – without any falsification of the measurement signal.

The IsoPAQ-612 requires no additional power supply since the auxiliary power is obtained from the input signal without distorting it. This not only saves costs during installation, but also increases reliability.

Main features

  • Galvanic isolation across input and output
    Protection against erroneous measurements due to parasitic voltages or ground loops
  • No power supply required
    Saving costs since wiring is reduced and line influences are omitted
  • Extremely slim design
    Only 3.1 mm DIN-rail per channel
  • Protective Separation acc. to EN 61140
    Protects service personnel and downstream devices against impermissibly high voltage
  • Maximum reliability
    No maintenance costs


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