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Precision temperature measurement, registration and control

Made to measure temperature sensors: customized for your process
Temperature is an important parameter in almost all industrial processes. That is why the right temperature sensor is important. Tempcontrol has over 45 years of experience in the field of thermometry and is happy to help you find the right solution for your application. The challenge is to ensure that the most suitable sensor is selected for the desired application.

This is a combination of the location where the temperature is to be measured, the environmental conditions, the registration and / or control thereof and what is expected from the temperature sensor. For example in terms of accuracy, reproducibility, temperature range, long-term stability, robustness and response time.

Customer specific solutions
Tempcontrol develops and produces temperature sensors and reference standards based on customer specifications and provides very high-quality instrumentation for registering and controlling temperature, humidity and dew point. Our products can be found everywhere: from space to the deep sea and everything in between.

Our product range and services
We have our own production department at our location in Nootdorp. We also have a calibration laboratory where we can test, calibrate and validate temperature sensors and instruments, among other things. In addition, we can produce, clean and pack temperature sensors in our cleanroom. We also supply a wide range of temperature-related accessories and we offer a range of precision measuring equipment from renowned international suppliers, such as controllers, transmitters, insulators, calibration baths, block baths, (precision) indicators, resistance measurement bridges, climatic chambers and dew point mirrors.

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Temperature sensors

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Transmitters and isolators

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Handheld instruments

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Calibration instruments

Instruments for calibration

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Dew point measurement

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