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Fluid100 and Fluid200 - Giussani

Fluid100 and 200 - Giussani

Fluid100 and 200 portable liquid calibration bath - Giussani

Giussani Fluid are portable thermostatic liquid calibrators used for checking thermocouples and platinum resistance thermometers in the laboratory as well as in the field. It consists of an aluminium vessel whose capacity is about 400 cc and it is constantly kept homogenous by a magnetic mixer whose speed is adjustable according to the viscosity of the fluid used. The mixing process ensures a proper heat transmission, excellent stability and uniformity values; the large size of the well makes it possible to test sensors of various lengths and diameters.

Fluid models are suitable both for low and high temperature ranges. In addition, they are available with a double built-in temperature indicator in order to compare the reference probe with the external probe. Fluid can be used with different kind of accessories: dry blocks, dry bodies, extension tubes, liquids and so forth. Using Fluid is possible to calibrate temperature sensors with the same accuracy and precision of a thermostatic bath.

Both low and high temperature Fluid are available in two different models. All these models can be accessorized with a double thermocuoples and a RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) reader.

Main features

  • Fluid 100: temperature range: -12 °C ÷ 125 °C
  • Fluid 200: temperature range: Amb ÷ 200 °C
  • Precision: ±0,15 °C
  • Hole depth: 150 mm
  • Hole diameter: 54 mm
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