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Discontinuation IPAQ-H and IPAQ-L transmitters

IPAQ 330

Our partner INOR is announcing the product discontinuation of IPAQ-H and IPAQ-L transmitters.
The transmitters are replaced by the IPAQ 330 transmitter.

Replacement product: IPAQ 330

The successor is IPAQ 330, a modern transmitter with improved features and functionality for increased process control. The IPAQ 330 has been on the market for 2.5 years, which means it has been proven in use. The transmitter is available in a DIN-rail mounted and in a head-mounted version.

If you have acquired temperature sensors in the past that use the IPAQ-H or IPAQ-L transmitter in the interior, these sensors will still be available in the future, however they will be made using the new IPAQ-330 transmitter.

More information on the IPAQ 330 you find clicking the links below:

IPAQ R330 (Din-rail mounted version)

IPAQ C330 (Head-mounted version)

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