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New transportable Transfer Standard Hygrometer

MBW’s 973L Dew Point Mirror provides transfer standard performance for humidity / moisture measurements.

MBW have introduced the new 973L dew point mirror for precise humidity / moisture measurement in gases. It is also suitable for use as a transfer standard in laboratories and on-site for traceable humidity calibration down to 1ppmv (-80 °C Frost Point).

The transportable 973L chilled mirror hygrometer provides users with the capability of validating system performance with low uncertainty. Typical applications include on-site calibration of dew point sensors, dryer performance validation and moisture analyser traceability.

Based on the fundamental measurements of temperature and pressure, condensation mirror hygrometers provide excellent precision and long-term stability. Capable of reaching mirror temperatures of -80 °C, the 973L also measures pressure up to 20 bar, indicates gas flow rate, and includes calculation of most humidity parameters. An integrated Ice Test calibration function can be user applied at any time.


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