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Solutions for precision temperature measurement in laboratories

Temperature measurement and control technology for laboratories
The accurate measurement, registration and control of temperature, moisture and dew point requires knowledge and expertise. Temperature measurement is our specialty and we like to think along with you to deliver the right sensor and instrumentation.
Laboratory solutions
Tempcontrol supplies to a large number of laboratories where temperature is used as a parameter. This includes calibration laboratories, pharmaceutical and medical laboratories, research laboratories, universities and research institutions, laboratories for ground and soil research, (waste) water treatment companies, plant growing laboratories or the food industry.
Temperature calibration sets
We produce temperature sensors and reference standards based on customer specifications. We also provide high-quality instrumentation such as (handheld) indicators, transmitters and controllers. We can calibrate and adjust the temperature sensors with the indicators as a set to achieve the best possible system accuracy. The sets can be provided with a calibration report, whether or not from our own calibration laboratory.
Our laboratory is also used for the development of highly specific products that require a lot of research. Instruments can be tested, calibrated or repaired. In addition, the traceability of used measuring instruments is guaranteed by regular calibration at the VSL.
We also have good relationships with certified calibration institutions and the national calibration lab with which we can establish the most accurate certified measurement uncertainty.
Tempcontrol is supplier of the most advanced instrumentation for checking and calibrating your measuring equipment yourself, such as (portable) liquid baths, block baths, calibration baths, liquid baths with blackbody cavities, climatic chambers, test rooms, plant growth chambers, incubators, (precision) thermometers, measuring bridges and dew point mirrors.
We supply well-known brands such as Ascon Tecnologic, ASL / Wika, Dostmann, Inor, MBW, Giussani and Kambic.

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Calibration baths

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Climatic chambers

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Reference standards

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